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Stress Busters
Shepard Stable is offering Stress Buster classes!

Proof of vaccination against COVID-19 is required to participate.

No, it isn't "goat yoga" because horses are a whole lot heavier than miniature goats!  This is a unique opportunity to experience the loving gentleness of horses in a peaceful environment while in the company of other women who are also looking to reduce the stress in their lives.

"It has been clinically documented that just being around horses changes human brainwave patterns. We calm down and become more centered and focused when we are with horses.  Horses are naturally empathetic. The members of the herd feel what is going on for the other members of the herd."  says therapy counselor Gabrielle Gardner, of Shine For Life, watching the horse dance around his pen at a farm in Blackstone, a village a few miles north of Brighton.

Shepard Stable's Stress Buster classes have been designed to assist women in setting aside one hour per week to take care of themselves by relaxing with horses in the company of other women.  Our Stress Buster classes are taught by an instructor who is certified with the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International to assure their appropriateness and to guarantee a high level of safety.

The cost is $40 for a 45 minute encounter.  Minimum 2 women per class.  Maximum 5 women per class.

Washington State University study
Horses Help with Stress Management in Humans

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