Shepard Stable
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Shepard Stable Services
Horse Holding
Saddle Fitting
As part of both her PATH Intl certification and her CHA certification Libby has received extensive training in saddle fitting.  If you would like help accessing the fit of your English or western saddle or in determining what size saddle you need to purchase contact her to schedule a fitting.  
$40 for an one hour consultation
$25 for an one half hour consultation

If you are not available to hold your horse for farrier or vet visits we can do it for you.  
$10 per horse
Hoof Care
Natural Hoof Care Specialist Sue Schnur of Harmony Natural Horse Care is available to trim your horse or for consultations.   Prices are set by Sue and are dependent upon the services requested. 

You may also bring in the farrier of your choice.
Veterinary Care
Shepard Stable will work with you to help you find a vet to meet your needs.  If you can't be here for a vet call we can hold your horse for you. 
$10 per horse  

Parasite Prevention
Birthday Parties
You bring the kids and cake and we supply the party!  Schedule your party on a Saturday.  Our two hour long parties include pony rides and other activities.  A $50 deposit is required at the time of booking.  Maximum 8 children per party so everyone gets to ride.

In order to prevent the spread of internal parasites Shepard Stable has "Dewormer Weekends".  All horses are dewormed the same weekend to provide the most efficient coverage.  If you prefer to have your horse fecal tested and they do not need treated they may skip the worming.  We bulk order the dewormer to keep your cost down or you may provide your own.  If you can not deworm your horse we will do it for you.
$3 per horse+ the cost of the dewormer

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Ground Work Lessons & Riding Lessons
Please refer to our Riding Lessons page
Exercise Sessions
Shepard Stable instructors are available to exercise your horse if you are not able to do so.   Exercise options include lunging and riding.  We have the right to refuse to ride any individual horse and these are not training rides.  
$25 per horse for a one half hour exercise session.